How to fit your MistyClip


Following these instructions will reduce the risk of you breaking your MistyClip.

Your MistyClips are 3D printed using a filament that includes corn starch extract. 

This means your MistyClip is much less flexible than a cheaper hardened plastic product made from petroleum-based materials and you must handle carefully, particularly when fitting. 

Unfortunately, breakages will happen, but to minimise the risk, please (1) fit your MistyClip by following the instructions shown below, (2) do not force your clip onto your mask (sliding it on works far better for most people) and (3) unless necessary, avoid removing your MistyClip from your mask.

Instructions for cleaning your MistyClip can be found at the bottom of this page.

Step 1.jpg
Step 1 

The clip is designed to slip onto a mask with a seam thickness no greater than 1mm.  Where possible, flatten the seam as far as possible before fitting your MistyClip.

Line up the slot on the lower edge of your MistyClip with the top edge of your face mask as shown.

Step 2.jpg
Step 2

Holding the top edge of your mask firmly, gently slide one side of the MistyClip onto your mask. Many users have found it easiest to insert the top corner of your mask first, and then slide your clip along your mask

Do not attempt to prise open the slot, as you will split your MistyClip.

Step 3.jpg
Step 3

Wrap the edge of your mask around the curved front surface of the MistyClip.

Step 4.jpg
Step 4

Gently slide the other side of the MistyClip onto your mask.

Step 5.jpg
Step 5

Adjust the MistyClip
until the top of it lies flush with the top of your  mask.

Step 6.jpg
Step 6

Finally, check the MistyClip is centrally placed on the top edge of your mask.

Adjusting your MistyClip

Every human on the planet is different, and it follows that there is no 'standard' nose!
As a result, it's impossible to make a 'one size fits all' MistyClip.

MistyClips work by channeling the flow of your warm breath up and across the bridge of your nose, and away from the cooler surface of your lens.
You may need a slight adjustment to your MistyClip if you have a narrow or low nasal bridge to ensure the correct flow of air.

If you still experience some misting...

Try adjusting the position of MistyClip on your nose.
Pushing the clip a little higher on your bridge will normally resolve the problem.

And, if you're out and about with your MistyClip...

Regardless of whether you are wearing your MistyClip or not, your glasses may naturally 'fog up' due to sudden changes in temperature (for example, going from a cold street into a warm shop environment). 


Allowing your glasses a couple of minutes to acclimatise to the indoor temperature will normally resolve this issue. 

Cleaning your MistyClip

Use lukewarm water only, and a little bit of washing up liquid.

Remember, your MistyClip is not a 'hardened plastic' product, and the materials used to produce your MistyClip will deform if exposed to temperatures above 50 degrees.  

Please keep your MistyClip away from hot water and store away from direct sunlight.  Do NOT put your MistyClip in a dishwasher and avoid all chemical solutions.