Multipack of 5 or 10

The MistyClip is a face mask nose clip which is designed to fit and work most effectively with commercially available 'blue' surgical masks. They can however also be fitted to, and are equally effective with, material masks provided the top seam is no thicker than 1mm and provided the recommended fitting technique is followed carefully.

You'll receive 5 or 10 MistyClips (depending on the pack that you choose); the colours will be randomly selected but you will not receive more than one of each colour for the 5 pack and 2 of each colour for the 10 pack .

The materials used in the production of your MistyClip mean that it is environmentally friendly, but special care is needed to ensure it lasts for a good long time. You should only ever clean your MistyClip in warm (but not hot!) soapy water. 

Warning: hot water or excessive heat will cause your MistyClip to change shape! And never use chemical cleaners, otherwise it might not just be the mist that disappears!

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