Please watch this short video and read this page before fitting your MistyClip

 Following these instructions will reduce the risk of you breaking your MistyClip.

Your MistyClips are 3D printed using a filament that includes corn starch extract. 

This means your MistyClip is much less flexible than a cheaper hardened plastic product made from petroleum-based materials and you must handle carefully, particularly when fitting. 

Step 1

The clip is designed to slip onto a mask with a seam thickness no greater than 1mm. Where possible, flatten the seam as far as possible before fitting your MistyClip.

Line up the slot on the lower edge of your MistyClip with the top edge of your face mask as shown.

Step 2

Holding the top edge of your mask firmly, gently slide one side of the MistyClip onto your mask. Many users have found it easiest to insert the top corner of your mask first, and then slide your clip along your mask. 

Do not attempt to prise open the slot, as you will split your MistyClip.

Step 3

Wrap the edge of your mask around the curved front surface of the MistyClip.

Step 4

Gently slide the other side of the MistyClip onto your mask.

Step 5

Adjust the MistyClip until the top of it lies flush with the top of your mask.

Step 6

Finally, check the MistyClip is centrally placed on the top edge of your mask.