Frustrated wearing a mask that steams up your glasses?

Chances are, you’re someone who has found your glasses fogging up when you’re wearing a face mask. Isn't it so frustrating trying to read the labels at your local supermarket through a hazy mist?

You've probably heard people say the simple inventions are the best. Well, here's a simple and effective solution THAT REALLY WORKS, is made from environmentally-friendly materials, supports local businesses, and supports a charity helping homeless individuals across East Sussex find employment.

Try this remarkable device for yourself TODAY. 

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How does MistyClip work?

Simply slide your MistyClip onto the top edge of your face mask, pop on your mask and glasses. 

And breathe.

Crystal clear, really.

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We care about the environment

Each MistyClip is produced using corn starch, a renewable resource and by-product from the food industry, rather than petroleum-based products.

Even the packaging we use to send your MistyClips to you in is sustainable. The padded envelope you will receive your MistyClips in is 100% recyclable.

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We care about local businesses

We genuinely care about the local economy, and the impact of the Covid pandemic on jobs. Every MistyClip purchased is helping to provide employment for a small number of people.

We care about others

For every MistyClip sold, we donate a percentage of our profit to Trelis, a Sussex-based charity providing employment skills for homeless and unemployed individuals.

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Available from £7.95

What have you got to lose, other than the mist?

You will be supporting a number of small independent businesses and our pledge to give 10% of our profit to a local charity.